Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I love how my dog always pays attention to me.
My kids & my husband listen to about 1/2 of what I say but my dog is always listening, watching.
The minute I  shift he is ready to go along: wherever, whatever. Yes, please (...one of the most precious things about a dog.)
Originally, as far as I was concerned we were not really looking for another dog, but my husband and daughter were obviously not of the same opinion. The previous owners had to move to an apartment and there was no room for a big yellow lab; and when my daughter went to meet him she just took him home with her, having conveniently forgotten that I was supposed to be consulted.
It took very little time for that dog  to weasel his way into my heart.
Now I come home to find him waiting for me, he knows when he  has been bad: the other day he trashed several bags of flour that i had left on the counter.
Picture the mess!
He hid when I came home... I was mad mad mad, but I did not beat him; I ignored him...  Caesar would be proud!
Of course he is now forgiven. I come home late at night and see that he has also forgiven me for ignoring him.

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