Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cherry tree

I planted the dwarf cherry tree about 10 years ago, right next to my front porch.
I had a fantasy of reaching up from the patio table and picking cherries for breakfast, as we had at my aunt's when I was little. I am aware that I try to recreate the impressive elements of my childhood, here on the farm... I think we all do, in some form or another. While  I am often disappointed, I intend to find happiness in the little things that do work out!
And so the cherry tree eventually fruited,  we had varying harvests, never more than a few dozen. Last year the main trunk split, and we belted it together to see if we could get one more year of harvest. So of course this year it flowered and fruited like crazy, the branches heavy with beautiful glossy leaves.
We watched the fruits get bigger and start to color. Finally a bumper crop... I started to dream up recipes and planned to buy a cherry pitter, only to find that the fruits had developed brownish splotches. I googled cherry diseases and sadly watched most of the cherries wither up into shriveled mummies.
I am transferring my hopes to the sekel pear that has finally set several dozen small precious pretty red pears. Ok, so maybe this will be the year for pears.

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