Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swiss Chard

I first planted Swiss Chard because it was pretty.
Several years ago, when I started planning my garden ( in February, to escape from the reality of a blizzard outside) I couldn't resist a package of seeds titled "Bright Lights".
I had always liked spinach. I planted and babied it but it usually dried up, got choked by weeds or bolted, and picking and cleaning the leaves was a pain. More bother than worth.

ok, so try this:
Sautee choppped chard ribs, diced onion, diced garlic and salt in olive oil;
Add shredded (wet) chard leaves, cover and let the leaves steam down, remove from heat;
Mix a little feta and egg together, toss with the chard mixture, layer in phyllo, spray top with olive oil or brush with melted butter; Bake (350) till egg sets and top is browned...

and this: chard steamed and topped with salt and balsamic vinegar. (My friend say's it smells like stinky socks. Must be the vinegar.)

I had always frozen chard (prepared step 1 & 2 as above) but today I'm trying the blanch/chill/freeze  method recommended by someone... except I will not re-use the blanch water, iiick.
Chard is a beet, so maybe the roots are good? no, I guess I'll stick to regular beets, since they are perfect as they are... (well, perfect sliced,olive oiled, and oven roasted, but that's another story...)

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