Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dog (again)

What the heck am I doing writing about another new dog? Yes, well, you may ask.
So once again, our daughter brought a dog into my life.
I said "no way" and "you know this is your dog, he is a pain in the a**" and "now you gotta deal with it..." so the next thing I know he moved in for a month. Actually, she moved "back home" between apartment leases, and somehow the little dog just made himself at home.
The cats ran for the hills. Literally.
So here I sit, looking at the little darling, feeling badly about having to put him in his kennel overnight.. He has his good points: has never chewed a shoe (immediate suspension in this household) or bitten a kid (happened with a friends dog- not recommended! Even when it is the kids fault...)
But as he has already shown that he will fight the big dog over a chew toy, into the kennel he goes.
Maybe the cats will sneak in for a bite of kibble n bits.

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